I have to admit that giving up my work is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. 28 years of my life has gone into teaching locally and my business has steadily grown and supported me both financially and emotionally for many years. I have been extremely fortunate to meet so many amazing people throughout the course of my work and it will be incredibly hard to say goodbye to everyone.

I was totally blown away by my final Yoga class, I was not expecting that surprise turnout – for once I was truly speechless! Thank you SO much to all of my class participants for your generosity and kind wishes. The ‘Thank You Sally’ dedications book is something I will treasure always. So many amazing, wonderful people have passed through my classes in the last 28 years and I am very honored and grateful to have been so blessed.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to completely disappear off the scene, so have decided to continue to share my Yoga practice with anyone who would like to follow our adventures. This way I get to say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ and really mean it!