We have been packing for this trip since we sold our house in September 2016! We knew that moving from our substantial 4 bedroomed family home into rented accommodation was the opportune time to de-clutter our lives to a sensible level. We needed to reduce our belongings to a manageable level, to be able to eventually move everything that we wanted to come back to into storage. One large skip and hundreds of trips to the dump later, we eventually moved into a rented cottage in January 2017.

“Minimalist living, what?”

Since then we have thinned down our possessions some more and are now doing our final packing, ready for the off in April 2018. We have made a couple of trips out to the boat, taking as much luggage with us as we could, with the intention of finally leaving with only one rucksack each !

Trying to decide what to take has been rather thought provoking… We have very little clothes storage onboard and trying to decide how many pairs of shoes I could sensibly take has been a bit of a challenge. The reality is that we will spend a lot of time in shorts and t-shirts, but I am a real girl and love to have options. I’ve tried really hard to be sensible, but I know that no matter what I take, I will get it wrong for sure.