When we had made the definite decision to ‘go for it’ I decided that I would look for replacements for all of my classes. I already had a couple of my students on Yoga teacher training with the same teachers I trained with and they were my first port of enquiry for picking up the slack. I guess word got around locally too, as I had a couple of enquiries from other local teachers, who had heard I was off.

I wanted to try and find teachers that had a similar approach to mine, teachers who would be sensitive to the needs of people who enjoyed a therapeutic approach, which offered balance and calm…. With the popularity of Yoga on the increase I was aware that there were many different types of dynamic Yoga available locally, and I have always wanted to stand firm in offering something a little different. My practice has developed from a base of back pain and my teaching also comes from that base awareness. The truth is that as teachers we are all unique and different. Our individual teaching style comes from what we have ourselves experienced physically and emotionally and we can only lead from our own bodies.

During the last 8 months a fabulous team has been established to take over everything that I do, including my Thai Yoga Massage. The new teachers will be taking on the Active Inspirations website and working together as a team, supporting each other and offering a fabulous timetable of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. The girls are all uniquely different and will offer up their own practices and experience to their new audience. Maria, Lisa, Rebecca, Jo, Rachel and Nicki are an amazing group of women and I couldn’t be happier with my ‘dream team’.