We finally arrived in Croatia on 14 April 2018 after 2 weeks of saying goodbye to family and friends, packing, moving the remainder of our furniture and belongings out to storage and handing back our rented cottage. We could not believe that we had so much ‘stuff’ to store and both storage units were packed solid when we finally locked the doors.

We decided to travel up to Heathrow and have a night in a hotel, to allow us some breathing space before our flight. We were both exhausted and it was nice just to take our time and breathe a little before our flight.

We arrived in Croatia late on Saturday evening to warm, sea scented air and a familiar feeling of being in a place that feels like home. We hit the sack pretty quickly and both slept like babies for the first time in a long time….

Sunday morning was grey and overcast and In the light of day we could see the effects of winter on the boat, she was filthy – covered in Saharan red sand dust and desperately in need of a thorough clean.

Over the last couple of days we have slowly started to settle ourselves in for the long haul, stowing our luggage and taking stock of all that needs to be done before we leave the marina in 2 weeks time. Another 45 kilos of kit has arrived from the UK and been unpacked and now the task of getting the boat properly ready for sea has begun. Aside from the mammoth task of cleaning the outside of the boat, the engine needs servicing, water tanks need sterilizing, sails need putting up, anchor chain needs painting and a whole long list of other jobs is slowly mounting.

The change from holiday home to permanent residence means that we have to carry more kit, more spares, more food and rethink living onboard strategies completely. The next couple of weeks is going to be very busy……